View from the bridge

There’s a way to the airport where you cross a bridge called the Bolte Bridge. Nothing spectacular, just cuts down the traveling time significantly (if there were no traffic).

However, every single time I’ve been on the bridge, I’ve looked to the west to see the west ports as a foreground to the West Gate bridge. I’ve always thought “Next time I cross this bridge, I’m going to take a snap”.

It wasn’t until I was halfway across the bridge when I remembered I had my camera in my bag. Being the passenger travelling in a car at 100km/h, I didn’t have time to adjust ISO nor shutter speed, just changed the aperture to f8 and snapped a few.

Most came out blurry (of course since it was on 1/100) but it has given me a taste of what the scene can look like. And it sure is nice.

Apologies this is not that sharp, but hope you get the idea of what caught my eye.

Enjoy, Saifs




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