Aspirational photogs

There are plenty of talented photographers out there, but there are a handful that I look up to and try to learn from based on their skills in composition, lighting, colour and being able to tell a story through a still capture.

Here are a few that’s inspired me over time:

Ontoshiki ( An Australian photographer, the visuals evoked by this photographer is breathtaking. His style is constantly evolving, and shooting with various mediums puts this guy in a category of midas: everything he tries out turns to gold. From the 35mm mono’s to the world of digital, his style and technique is inspirational to say the least.

rebekka guðleifsdóttir ( Her collection of sceneries was the reason why I bought the Tokina 11-16mm (although I haven’t done much with it I’m afraid – the world of street photography still intrigues me). Great usage of dramatic lighting and colours, plus great striking composition with landscapes as well as portraits, her style is something I wish to acquire over time.

Jeff Mermelstein:
No need to include a link here, this guy’s street photography is well documented across various mediums, from websites to collection of famous street photographers. What makes this guy interesting is the subjects he managed to capture. His “Untitled” and “Run” series are my favourites, and as much as I want to I think it would be years before I can replicate him.

Peter Funch ( Incredible photographer, his “Babel Tales” series is astounding and would like to one day visit his exhibition. He is best known for capturing behaviour of crowds, and what better place to capture this than New York City. Love his work.


I will add more as I stumble across these grandmasters of photography. Hopefully they’ve inspired you as much as they have influenced my photography.




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