Cafe Adventures: The Spout Cafe

Joint: The Spout Cafe
Where: 48 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea VIC 3185

What can I say – good coffee, great food, and great vibes too!

Located opposite another place I wouldn’t mind trying one day (Attica Restaurant – great reviews!), we came here last year on Boxing Day and it was the only thing that was open and it was packed!

They were very accommodating to my current leg issue and we sat at the front of the cafe overlooking the street and the passerby’s. Rarely did a person just walked by: majority dropped by to grab a coffee to go. One’s who decide to stay were treated by wafting warm foods, like the Full-Medammas (pictured in this gallery). I had the house short black and the Smoked Salmon Pastrami Benedict and it was awesome (also pictured).

This is one place I would definitely visit again. Parking may be an issue during busy times though as it is on a main road but the side street parking is ample around this area.

Hope the pics aren’t making you hungry as they are making me hungry just thinking about them!

Enjoy, Saifs




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