Visiting Malaysia: The beauty of Batu Caves

Driving on the Middle Ring Road 2 in KL heading towards Gombak, it is inevitable that you would encounter a sight from the highway of the Hindu shrines known as Batu Caves, with the imposing Hindu deity Murugan standing tall at the bottom of 272 flights of stairs leading up to the mouth of the famous cave.

It seriously looks surreal and for many years I’ve always wanted to visit this site. So today, I managed to get out early in the morning and took a trek up the stairs and now understand why this site is a well known tourist site in Malaysia.

Although only 272 steps, the steepness of the climb makes it quite a challenge for people who suffer acrophobia. Not to mention the monkeys you encounter on the way up / down, though they’re not too bad as long as you’re not holding any food. When you reach the top, the serenity you feel is almost instantaneous. It is peaceful and apart from the chants by the devotees and the sounds of feet shuffling around in the caves, it is almost silent. I was surprised by the stillness in certain parts of the cave and didn’t even feel the time pass.

After a very tough year at work and other pressures with ailing family members and not feeling 100%, it was quite refreshing to feel the solitude doing its magic. It’s the same feeling that I felt when I finished prayers at the National Mosque of Malaysia. Places of worship, regardless of any religion, really has a calming effect and lets you calm down and truly reflect.

Well, here are some photos inside the caves for those unable to make the trek (it is quite steep). Don’t know about you, but I still feel the serenity looking at these photos.



20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-1

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-2

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-3

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-4

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-5

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-6

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-7

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-8

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-9

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-10

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-11

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-12

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-13

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-14

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-15

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-16

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-17

20150723 - Visit to Batu Caves-18


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