Cafe Adventures: Life on Mars

Joint: Life on Mars
Where: 842 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Good coffee, great breakfast and a great morning wake up. Welcome to Life on Mars.

The place is up Glenferrie Road, getting close to Barkers Road in Hawthorn and this small cafe has a good mix of coffee, breakfast and smiles. The place is nice albeit on a major road, since it is a bit further from the train station the wait isn’t that long (though I’ve been told there are instances where the wait can be quite long during work days).

Although coffee aficionados may comment on no single origin beans, no filtered options, nor do they roast their own beans, it is a decent drop to wash down a pretty decent breakfast! The portion sizes here are substantial and I actually struggled to finish my meal. That being said, for bean hoppers this place may not live up to the standards of a few other cafe’s around this very suburb.

That being said, I would come here again and it is worth checking out if you’re around the area. That being said, there are tons of cafe’s around this area so this cafe has a lot of contenders.

Enjoy, Saifs






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