Sights of Paris: The architecture

Hope this explains the hiatus! I’ve just come back from Paris and it is such a beautiful city. The architecture is stunning, and there are plenty to capture in the streets. This is the first batch of photos highlighting the awesome architecture in this city. From the iconic Eiffel Tower, the majestic Sacre Coeur and […]


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Cafe Adventures: The Spout Cafe

Joint: The Spout Cafe Where: 48 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea VIC 3185 What can I say – good coffee, great food, and great vibes too! Located opposite another place I wouldn’t mind trying one day (Attica Restaurant – great reviews!), we came here last year on Boxing Day and it was the only thing that […]

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Cafe Adventures: Life on Mars

Joint: Life on Mars Where: 842 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia Good coffee, great breakfast and a great morning wake up. Welcome to Life on Mars. The place is up Glenferrie Road, getting close to Barkers Road in Hawthorn and this small cafe has a good mix of coffee, breakfast and smiles. The place is […]

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View from the bridge

There’s a way to the airport where you cross a bridge called the Bolte Bridge. Nothing spectacular, just cuts down the traveling time significantly (if there were no traffic). However, every single time I’ve been on the bridge, I’ve looked to the west to see the west ports as a foreground to the West Gate […]

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Dinner at The Point

Had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called The Point at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, Victoria. Great food, great service and love the place to bits. Highly recommended and check out their food presentation – immaculate! Enjoy, Saifs

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Diamond Bay, Sorrento

Sometimes I forget how majestic nature really is. Surrounded by buildings, suburbia, streets, highways, and an abundance of concrete, I never really get to see nor feel the power of mother earth. Boy I sure felt it taking this shot. The clouds were coming in fast and the wind was picking up. I knew my […]

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Buskers: the life of Melbourne

Colours adorning the walls of many laneways of Melbourne. Music breaking through the sounds of the city crowd. Beautiful images crafted by the hands of skilled artists. But these are not your typical artists – these are buskers. And not any typical busker – these are Melbourne Buskers. These performers, be it music or art, […]

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