Photo walk around Fitzroy Gardens and Carlton

This is a combined album:
1) Melbourne Photo Walk – Fitzroy Gardens: It was a fantastic day out with the Melbourne Google Plus Photo Walk group, and to top it off discovered a new venue in the city called Laksa Bar (Oh man, this place is AWESOME). Great company makes for even better pics 🙂

2) These were taken yesterday while catching up with a mate around the same area as, you guessed it, Laksa Bar (again, can’t stop praising this place!).

I’ve decided to mix it up with the first album being majority in B&W and the second album I played around with colour. I still haven’t found the right colour template and treatment that I’m happy with, so the experimentation will continue.

Enjoy, Saifs

Album 1: Melbourne Google Photowalk (Fitzroy Gardens)

Album 2: Before and after lunch at Laksa Bar (Carlton and Fitzroy Gardens)


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