Sights of the UK – Trip to Blackpool

A lot has happened since the last post: things started to ramp up at work and I’ve been under the pump to get stuff done before my two week trip to the UK! 🙂

Haven’t been to the UK in a while, and this is the first time the camera has made the trip. So I took my new favourite lens (the 24-70mm f2.8 Nikkor) and the awesome 30mm f1.4 Sigma along for the ride and let loose in different parts of the UK.

There’s a mix of photos here, ranging from Blackpool, Glasgow and London. Didn’t make it to Lake District due to the weather, but the other places made up for it.

This is the first album: trip to Blackpool. It was a fantastic day, and it was a lazy day for the 24-70mm. I wanted to capture the relaxed mood of the day and also the harsh contrasts due to the shadows. Overall, really enjoyed this shoot as it is a much slower pace than my usual street shoots.

Enjoy, and the albums of Glasgow and London will be coming up soon,



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