Saturday afternoon with the Nikon D600 and Sigma 35mm f1.4

Although I used a D700 for a wedding photo shoot once, I’ve never experienced my own full frame goodness.

Until today.

The Nikon D600 captures a LOT of detail, and the 35mm f1.4 Sigma was not only incredibly sharp but also presented a new wide-angle and shallow depth of field I’m not used to (I shoot most of my street photography with my good ol’ D7000 with a 30mm f1.4 Sigma, which is around 45mm on the 35mm equivalent scale).

It was a pleasure to use: the combination had the right weight, focus was quick, and taking photographs became more enjoyable. No more accidentally turning the shooting mode dial (sometimes I accidentally knock it when I have the Black Rapid on the D7000 – one stage I’m shooting Manual and then suddenly I’m either on Aperture Priority or U1 custom mode… annoying…). No more heavy chromatic abberations from the lens. No more framing with my feet to get the shot in view. The view was wide enough and it was sharp even when shooting the full f1.4. It was really a pleasure to use.

So, here is a collection of shots I took today – most of these had to be post-processed in LR4, but it felt different. I can crop with confidence that the detail will still be there. My only qualm is the file size: at 24Mb a shot, it’s going to chew up my NAS for sure…

Well, enjoy – and there will be more coming soon.












2 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon with the Nikon D600 and Sigma 35mm f1.4

    1. That’s true though there will be a point in time where the problem is no longer storage but management of the data. Thanks for your kind comment and hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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