The Shrine and St Kilda

Stopped by the Shrine of Remembrance on the way to St Kilda and still really like this place. It’s close to the Botanical Gardens and the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and time just flies when you’re here. Again, typical Melbourne weather: started off with quite an overcast, but as the day progressed the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

Awesome weather doesn’t necessarily mean awesome temperature: didn’t help that the winds were still blasting and the chill factor was definitely still in force. I suppose the biggest benefit was that the seagulls were using the wind to hover over patrons lunching in a restaurant on the pier, hoping to get some scraps.

Overall, still learning how to work with the metering system on the camera. Did a lot of spot metering but ended up using centered weighting metering quite a fair bit. Results still looking underexposed though. I’m only scratching the surface of what this camera can do, so plenty of things for me to learn still. Luckily shooting in RAW, so did a lot of tweaking.

Here are some pictures of the Shrine and surroundings, as well as St Kilda. Enjoy.



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