View from the bridge

There’s a way to the airport where you cross a bridge called the Bolte Bridge. Nothing spectacular, just cuts down the traveling time significantly (if there were no traffic). However, every single time I’ve been on the bridge, I’ve looked to the west to see the west ports as a foreground to the West Gate […]

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Diamond Bay, Sorrento

Sometimes I forget how majestic nature really is. Surrounded by buildings, suburbia, streets, highways, and an abundance of concrete, I never really get to see nor feel the power of mother earth. Boy I sure felt it taking this shot. The clouds were coming in fast and the wind was picking up. I knew my […]

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On the drive home

“Looking back, my life seems like one long obstacle race, with me as the chief obstacle.” ~ by Jack Paar Sometimes, although I am fully aware of what I excel in, I second guess myself. I then realise that ultimately if I’m comfortable with myself and stopped doubting all my decisions, I am allowing myself […]

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Catching up on some photos

It sure has been a while – and trust me when I say it has been jam packed that I haven’t had the time to update the site. But what I have in store are plenty of pics showcasing a range of street photography for your viewing pleasure. I also did a series of levitation […]

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Photowalk around Williamstown

Closeby the mouth of the Yarra River, Williamstown is a picturesque area and a mix of industrial backdrop with nature. With the 1 year anniversary of Google Plus, the Melbourne Photowalk crew got together around Spotswood and started heading towards Williamstown, taking tons of pictures along the way. Apart from the torrential storm, I have […]

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