Photo walk around Fitzroy Gardens and Carlton

This is a combined album: 1) Melbourne Photo Walk – Fitzroy Gardens: It was a fantastic day out with the Melbourne Google Plus Photo Walk group, and to top it off discovered a new venue in the city called Laksa Bar (Oh man, this place is AWESOME). Great company makes for even better pics 🙂 […]


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Streets with the 30mm

Yesterday was an interesting day out. A bit of background: So, I had the 30mm Sigma f1.4 with me and less than a week later I had to send it back. It was back focusing and I was thoroughly disappointed. I was looking around for a new lens when I got a call that the […]

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Google Plus Melbourne Photo Walk

It was a fantastic day walking around Melbourne, discovering new sights at places I’ve been to many times before. It was with the Melbourne photo walk crew, in conjunction with the Google Plus Melbourne Photo Walk. Here’s a collection of photos from the day – started at 6.30am and although I finished early at 11am, […]

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