Faces at the market

Sunday, 12 degrees Celsius, and the sun is struggling to break through the clouds.

Yet the crowd on the block on the corner of Peel Street and Victoria Street is far from few. There are sellers are busy luring you into a purchase, be it a scarf, $1.90/kg for egg plant, or a leather jacket priced so ridiculously low you question the authenticity of the hide. Live music barely audible from the sound of the crowd chatting away whilst waiting for their serving of Kebabs. The art of haggling practiced openly, and followed by the shout of victory after the banter.

This is Queen Victoria Market: Lively, vibrant and full of character. I’m going to focus on getting some shots here because I think it is a wonderful market – full of sights and challenges me to stick to a theme (as most of my photos are random, and I cover it under the banner “Street Photography” only because I don’t have any other genre). Today, I only had the 35mm and the D600. I think this is going to be my setup for a while.

So, hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them today.


SMH Comp - QV Markets-7

SMH Comp - QV Markets-6

SMH Comp - QV Markets-5

SMH Comp - QV Markets-4

SMH Comp - QV Markets-3

SMH Comp - QV Markets-2

SMH Comp - QV Markets-1


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