Buskers: the life of Melbourne

Colours adorning the walls of many laneways of Melbourne. Music breaking through the sounds of the city crowd. Beautiful images crafted by the hands of skilled artists. But these are not your typical artists – these are buskers. And not any typical busker – these are Melbourne Buskers. These performers, be it music or art, […]

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Faces at the market

Sunday, 12 degrees Celsius, and the sun is struggling to break through the clouds. Yet the crowd on the block on the corner of Peel Street and Victoria Street is far from few. There are sellers are busy luring you into a purchase, be it a scarf, $1.90/kg for egg plant, or a leather jacket […]

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Streets of London

There is no doubt that the streets of London is full of character. The streets are alive, movement everywhere, colours in abundance, the architecture amazing, and a postcard almost at every turn. I don’t think I have done this place any justice, but maybe one day I get to head there again and really take […]

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Random night shots

Last few weeks have been relatively quiet on the photography front, what with the winter colds and the hours working on budgets and business plans and whatnot… And outlook isn’t looking any better in the near future as I start my uni studies again (ah, going back to school…). So tried to squeeze in some […]

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Out and about

I admit it has been a while since I’ve posted anything up. It has been quite hectic and boy do I wish I had photography as a full time job (definitely look forward to getting up early each day for work if that was the case!). Nevertheless, managed to squeeze a bit of photography this […]

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Trip down Hosier Lane

Finally managed to check out Hosier Lane this weekend and was amazed by the way all the layers of random graffiti seem to just “fit”. Nothing seemed out of place – every piece had its own role to play and its own story. To be honest, there were a few other designs on ACDC Lane […]

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